My Life

Don’t we all wish that our trip on life was smooth sailing. Doesn’t happen like that. The fact is life is filled with potholes and bumps on the way to w/e destination you are going off to. As for me, my trip is more like a detour through life.

Born on the 14th of January, I checked in as a heathly baby. Life decided not to take a detour until my sister was born. She was born deaf*, end of a “normal life road” and the begining of the longest detour ever. For that point life wasnt going to be normal for my mom, my dad, or even me.

My sister was about 85% deaf, which means she could hear, but nothing to drastic. As a kid, my sis was like a minority. She was treated as if she never knew english. As a big brother watching over her, she always had something up her sleeves that would shock people even me.

When i was 3 we moved to this small little town of Campbellsport Wisconsin. I would never have known Campbellsport would have played one of the biggest role of who I am, and what I would become.

Like many parents, my dad made sure that i was in sports. The first thing that came up was teeball. My dad was one of the coaches of my team, as well as another parent, but what that parent said to my dad would put everything in prospective about Campbellsport. “Just to let you know, Campbellsport is very inside, we only care about our peopl, not yours” (not exact word for word). Campbellsport would turn out to be very intwine with what I call the “Campbellsport Brothers and Sisters”. This refers to anyone who was born, raised, and stayed in the village from generation to generation. Not only do the parents have this idea, but so do their kids.

As the years go by, elemenatary to junior high and from junior high to high school. life as I would have known it went from a detour to a mega detour. I realized this my sophmore year when i didn’t make it into my school show choir. It wasnt that i was an aweful singer, because the choir teacher and i knew that i had one of the best voices in the school, but something smaller. something called fascial expressions. knowing what he meant, i would gaze through his show choir and pick out anyone who wasnt showing any expressions. It was then that i realize, this isnt about my voice or my expressions, this is about me not be the “Campbellsport Brothers and Sisters”. They gave away my positon to a person that the community knows more about than what i was.

This might have been a knockout blow to my stomache, but i was a fighter. I made damn sure that when i sing, i want my voice to be heard by not just the choir, or school, but for the entire community. Sophmore year was the first year I went to state in choir as an ensemble. Thinking this should put in show choir, it didnt. My junior year was the point in my life that change forever. I made it into stateas both an ensemble and as a solo. Not only did I take first at state, but I was one of roughly 5 people who also got first as well. The show choir is made up of 20 members, 1/3 of them make it to state, but only 4 come back with first. I was thrilled.

Expecting to make my senior, I made sure i had the dest damn audition out their. The problem, I DIDN’T MAKE IT. I knew it to well, picking the pretty people over talent.

As of this fall i am heading off to college, but unlike the majority of my class, I’ll be far away from this community that cares for their own and not others, but i will never erased the bad memories of this from my brain. That lil detour is over. All i can hope for is just lil bumps and potholes on the rest of my journey.